I’ve always had an obsession with the way housing looks when it’s under construction. There’s something really beautiful about the way you can see its insides.

I’m always drawn to stop and look at the way the builders just seem to know how to put everything together in the right way; sitting in their yellow hats and dirty white tshirts, eating sandwiches on the side of an unfinished stone wall; the way that you can see the sky broken apart through the beams of the open walls.

..So much time and creativity and collaboration and intelligence that went into the design of this house; a place where someone is going to laugh and cry and eat something new for the first time…and make all of these impacting memories that are going to build and define them.

How can you not marvel at that?

Someone built this house that is going to build you. I am grateful for the people whose names we don’t know who fit into this piece that is the puzzle of life.



“Everything affects everything. In this universe, when one thing changes, everything changes. Hence the great power of human beings to change the world, changing himself.”           -Nisargadatta








Photo Cred: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/building-new-home-construction-checklist-8748.html




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