Daily Dedication: Casey


My first daily dedication  goes out to my best friend Casey. She’s the hummus to my green bean, the chocolate chips to my yogurt, the BBQ sauce to my chicken. If you don’t like these references get on it!!! This shit is good.

I Love this woman!

If I was stranded on an island and there just happened to be a genie who could grant me one wish and I wished for a  telephone that had one call, I would call her. Even if she couldn’t save my ass, I’d have to tell her about how this island reminded me of Bermuda, one of the most beautiful places on Earth…but I’m biased and I also haven’t seen that much of the Earth yet.

Here’s Us in Bermuda.We were very hungover (this is when I used to be way more fun by my sister’s standards, and drank alcohol given to me by local boys).


Thanks for loving me from every time zone and loving me even more as I change.









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