Post-Savasana Words

These days I’m not really feeling on this earth.

Is it all a dream?

A temporary insanity perhaps.


How do we fall in love?

When we are love.

My heart is full like a bear.


The cars buzz by.

The moving won’t stop.

Wake me up from this dream.


I’m not really sure the point of the words I write,

But I’m full.

I thought they would fill me, but they never did.

I’m not hungry for them anymore.

If this world isn’t real, let me sit next to you on a park bench and hold your hand.


So what?

In this dream we are apart, but you sit in my soul like a flame.

We are all burning,

And laughing.

Next to the trees.

In the sky.

We are life.

The leaf falls.

What is this dream?











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