About Me

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Hi, I’m Lauren.

I currently live in Los Angeles. I started this blog as a beginning to my career aspiration as a  travel, food, and lifestyle journalist. I decided that seeing the worthwhile in the daily activities of life is just as important as the big stuff we someday hope to achieve and experience. Maybe it will become something cool, maybe it will just be a kind of diary; a way for me and you to see my life in words.

I really do believe that physical, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness is the key to success. If we can learn to take care of and love ourselves; that is when we will find our truth and happiness. I’m on the journey right now to taking myself out of the picture and really absorbing how interconnected everything on this planet is, and it’s so cool.

Beginning a devout yoga practice last year has changed my life in such a wonderful way that I hope for everyone to find. There is not a single person on this planet who could not benefit from the healing it has to offer.

So much beauty floats around this world, and the best part is that it’s all accessible. Through food, day-to-day living, and other creative experiences I’m finding my way. I’m not going to say “the way” because that’s just silly; there’s no such thing. It’s up to you and the things you open yourself up to learning.

The goal of this blog is to incorporate  my life as a yogi positively and gratefully into everyday living.

So much love,



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